Liberia: The Love Of Liberty Brought Us Here tells the personal story of Director Gerald K. Barclay whose family was forced to flee their homeland of Liberia after a coup in 1980, which led to a devastating 15-year civil war. After 24 years of being away from his homeland he's lost all desire to ever return to the now war ravaged nation. He is offered an assignment to produce a documentary on influence of Hip Hop on African culture. While in Ghana, he visits the Liberian refugee camp to find a relative. During that search, he begins to listen to the stories of survival from the refugees. One of the stories brings him face to face a notorious killer, now a born-again preacher, General Butt Naked. This encounter makes a dramatic impact on Gerald's life and he then embarks on a 4 year journey of documenting the devastating effects of the war that eventually leads him back to war torn Liberia, reuniting him with the past he tried so hard to forget.

Liberia: The Love Of Liberty Brought Us Here